Re: web personalization predictive content

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web personalization predictive content

We want to add predictive content to our web personalization.

We have created in zone web campaign. We added this code to it:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<div class="RTP_RCMD2" data-rtp-template-id="template1"></div>

We also have predictive content which we want to appear in this web campaign. We enabled it for rich media.


We added this code:

          c[a].a=i;c[a].e=e;var g=h.createElement("script");g.async=true;g.type="text/javascript";
          g.src=f+'?aid='+i;var b=h.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];b.parentNode.insertBefore(g,b);
         rtp('get', 'campaign',true);
         rtp('get','rcmd', 'richmedia');

to our testing page. INSTANCECODE-here we’ve written code of our instance

But still nothing works. What do we have to change in order to make it work?

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Re: web personalization predictive content

Have you created and enabled the predective content for Rich Media? And, have you added the webpage's domain where you're trying to test this functionality in the Account settings in the web personalization module?


If yes, it's worth checking if you're able to populate the predective content on the normal LP w/o web-personalization first.