predictive content

Level 2

predictive content

We want to create predictive content.


We added this code:


          c[a].a=i;c[a].e=e;var g=h.createElement("script");g.async=true;g.type="text/javascript";

          g.src=f+'?aid='+i;var b=h.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];b.parentNode.insertBefore(g,b);



         rtp('get', 'campaign',true);

         rtp('get','rcmd', 'richmedia');

to our testing page. INSTANCECODE-here we’ve written code of our instance


We added this code to the web page where we want predictive content to appear.


<div class="RTP_RCMD2" data-rtp-template-id="template1"></div>


 In the content settings we’ve added content url.(web pages where we want predictive content to appear and predictive content category). 

www. is our domain



Here is our domain settings


Here is the predictive content itself. We enabled it for rich media.


But still nothing works. What do we have to change in order to make it work?