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Landing Pages builder

Hello everyone,


Can someone have some landing pages builder to recommend me ? Except the Marketo LP builder. Something intuitive, with drag and drop, no-code and with many design's possibilities or templates.


And wich can be integrated to Marketo for sure !


Thanks a lot 🙂

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Re: Landing Pages builder


Some of the platform as recommended by others in community are Momentum by Clevertouch,


Although using a 3rd party service for developing a LP/ Email templates totally depends on your companies use case, but I will recommend using Marketo LP/ email template simply because of the ease of scalability, cost effective & its native.

Marketo templates also provide you with flexibility to work around with the HTML & create your own templates. 

Yes this requires initial knowledge of coding, but once you have made a Guided template it will be just a matter of amending using WYSIWYG editor.

You can get more on creating Guided LP template here.


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Re: Landing Pages builder

Knak user here! Can confirm that it is compatible with Marketo. I've had an easy time creating both email and landing page templates. Very user-friendly and depending on the subscription level, you can share it with contributors for easy editing and approvals. 

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Re: Landing Pages builder

Your best option would be to invest in a robust and flexible landing page template that can be cloned and customized with each use. There are agencies out there that can create a single template with options to turn sections on or off, reorder sections, and customize section colors, fonts, images, logos, etc. The Marketo landing page editor is designed so that everyday users can customize each landing page without having to use code.

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Re: Landing Pages builder

@Chelsea_Stinnet ,

I have edited your post to remove references to the agency that you work for.  Self promotion is not allowed.



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Re: Landing Pages builder

I like this option as well, and have seen it work well for big and small clients for years. Eventually I think it makes more sense to build pages in Marketo rather than managing an expensive integration but that usually comes in time as your team gets more familiar with the Marketo system. 

It sounds like Knak might be the best tool for your specific situation here, they've got a solid starting point for entry-level codeless builders that sync with Marketo. These kinds of external tools are great to make the on-ramp very simple but do come with a few limitations in terms of what you're able to do outside the prescribed options in the builder and the sync process usually creates a mess inside of Marketo (lots of redundant material) compared to a Marketo-native solution like Chelsea mentioned.