The Analytics that Matter: Reports for Every Stage of the Funnel

Level 10 - Champion Alumni
Level 10 - Champion Alumni

It is that time of year.  My favorite time of year and that's Marketing Nation Summit.  I've been thinking about all y'all in the Marketing nation all year to figure out what to bring to you to help us be bolder and more fearless marketers.  And for me. . . it's all about reporting.  All day everyday.  Just like last year, I'll be giving a talk on the Analytics that Matter Tuesday May 1st at 10:15am and will be posting my slides and recording here but there is only so much I can cram in to 45 minutes.  There are fundamental concepts about reporting and attribution that must be conveyed, absorbed, and understood. So whether you are going to summit or not these important concepts drive success or failure in your reporting.   There hasn't been a single place that all this information is provided until now. 

Marketo Revenue Attribution Explained

This is the Marketing Reporting and Attribution bible for Marketo.  If you really want to understand how to get reporting right in Marketo, take the 20 min or so and marinate on these core concepts.  This is what I live, eat, and breathe every day to make reports sing.

See y'all at Summit!!

PS There will be a pop quiz at my talk.

PPS Guess its not a pop quiz if you know ahead of time