#KreweChats - Episode 13: WHAT THE FAQ??? (Things we wish we knew before we knew them)

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Level 10

Hey, #MKTGnation!

Summer's (kind of?) over, the PSLs are flowing, and the gang got back together to answer the top questions we hear every day on the job. I may or may not have ranted just a little.

Some of my personal favorites include:

  • Why is Marketo broken? (ie: the one that makes my eye twitch)
  • How mature is my Marketo instance?
  • Why does it take so long to change a template? (spoiler: we have different definitions of "templates")
  • Do I actually know how to troubleshoot? (Okay, this one isn't a real question but we cover why it's crucial to understand troubleshooting in our jobs)

Video Link : 2482

What are the most common questions YOU receive about Marketo (or your job)? Are there common ones you've been able to stop from popping up time and time again? Any pet peeve questions?

Sydney MulliganEnrico DeleonJuli James

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Fantastic Krewe chat episode!

I found myself nodding along to so much of what you guys were saying - very good ways of framing how to address different issues that commonly pop up. The one thing that jumped out at me was "don't say Marketo is broken". I learned that at a previous company because if people say it lots of people start believing it, but if the ADMIN says it everyone believes it and they'll never change their minds.

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This is such a good tip. I am totally guilty of this. I'm trying to complain less out loud about Marketo too (even when it's super frustrating!).

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How awkward is it when someone refers to Marketo as Mar-Keto (as in Keto diet) and you continue to say Marketo the correct way, and they continue on with the Keto Diet version!!

Definitely deserves a Krewechat episode devoted in part at least to annunciation and then tips on how go about telling Mar-keto offenders they are saying it wrong

Enjoyed this episode thank you, very spot on how Marketo gets blamed for erroneous processes that typically stem from bad decision making, lack of knowledge by claimant, or Salesforce...the worst that CAN happen is another platform is brought in and it's a touted as a false equivalent with even worse repercussions to productivity and processes. 

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Next you'll tell me Bizible isn't Snoop Dogg-speak for "Bible"...

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HAHA Sandy!!

Fo' Shizzle Dizzle

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I would love to see a future episode devoted to working with Marketo Support. I suspect many folks could benefit from a discussion on that topic. Great episode!