#KreweChat Episode 16: Marketo Summit

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Level 10 - Champion

With Summit at the forefront of everyones minds right now we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk about some of our experiences, and how you can get the most of the one of the single best learning resources for Marketers.  We looked at our top tips, best practice for planning, selling Summit to you bosses (make sure you don't mention the shenanigans!) and if you're still sitting on the fence why it's so valuable for you.

Thank you to Joe Reitz​, Geoffrey Krajeski-MMProduction​, Dory Viscogliosi​ and our amazing as ever guest speaker Jessica Kao​.

We hope you enjoy the chat and we can't wait to meet you at Summit to join in with our #krewe shenanigans!

#KreweChats Episode 16: Marketo Summit! - YouTube

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Great KreweChatJoe Reitz​ and team! Super excited for Summit this year - glad it's back in SF too!

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Everyone on Community should be at Summit in April or you are failing... epically failing. http://events.marketo.com/summit/2017/?RefID=MNC

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I'm just now getting around to listening to this episode and I'm so bummed I couldn't join! There are many, many, MANY great things about Summit (beyond meeting the awesome people on #KreweChat).

One recommendation I have (and I think Geoffrey Krajeski-MMProduction​ mentioned this briefly) is that if you have a group of people you're spending time with and you're going to different sessions, think about sharing notes via Evernote or Google Drive. This way you can see notes from other sessions you maybe couldn't attend. We did this last year and it was helpful. Even if you're in the same session, sometimes people have different takes on the content and can help give a different perspective or help you figure out how to implement certain tactics/strategies for your company.

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I mean, you might not be able to attend due to limited budget, short-sightedness on behalf of management, or, you know... LIFE.

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I'm going for the 2nd year and this time with my partner-in-Marketo-crime. Our director wants us to do a report-out afterwards to the broader marketing team. I'm sure others have done this before too. Anyone have a good model/template? Y'know, hitting on the highlights from Summit, themes, key takeaways...

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Kevin Lustgarten​ – There's no way you're getting around making a deck for something like that!

Quick screenshots of the most impactful slides/sessions definitely help in that arena. Beyond that, I always linked out to all my notes (or exported a PDF from OneNote, if you're into that kind of thing). Something else I always thought was a nice touch was communicating what sessions I was planning on attending BEFORE Summit, and asking team members who weren't able to go if there was any other info they'd love me to get. Sometimes that means sitting in on a session, other times it's meeting with vendors who may fulfill a need you have. Just take good notes at the sessions/keynotes, and you'll be fine.

Better question: What's the number one thing your company is looking to get out of Summit? Solving a business challenge? Finding a partner? Recruiting (let's be honest, it happens)? Process Improvement? Best Practices and Strategies? Like everything else, having good questions going in leads to good results coming out.