#KreweChats Episode 15: Ad Tracking & Marketo

In the 15th (whoa, 15 episodes?!) episode of KreweChats,Sydney Mulligan​, Rachel Egan​, Geoffrey Krajeski​, and I explored the best methods for Ad Tracking in Marketo. As we are all aware, ad tracking is not something that will happen natively in Marketo. As marketers, we are responsible for creating, implementing, and managing the method by which we track our ads and all other URL parameters all the way to conversions, opportunities, and revenue. Setting these up is critical for ROI tracking, as well as CPL and customer acquisition costs.

Learn about how different Marketo Champions are tracking first conversions, session conversions, golden conversions, as well as storing the data!

Also a quick shout out to Erik Heldebro for his blog that we referenced First, Last and Multi Touch attribution for UTM parameters and auto tagging emails

#KreweChats Episode 15: Ad Tracking & Marketo - YouTube