Krewe Chats: Episode 1 - How to Get the Most Value out of Community

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Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Watch Episode 1 Here: Krewe Chat - Marketo Community Tips & Best Practices - YouTube 

Hi everyone!

Many of you have already seen the Nation Talks series that Liz (Courter) Oseguera​ & Scott Wilder​ spearheaded last year. That's still a phenomenal channel to help grow your Marketo knowledge and learn a few tips and best practices you may not have thought about yet (you can access the Nation Talks here.)​. I strongly encourage everyone to continue to use and contribute to that channel!

However... being that we're all about forward momentum, a few members of #mykrewe (Jennifer DiMaria​, Dory Viscogliosi​, Ande Kempf​, Enrico deLeon​, & Rachel Egan​) and I got together and brainstormed what we're affectionately referring to as "Krewe Chat." Basically, we wanted to have an informal venue where Marketo users of all stripes can come together, ask real questions, get real, human answers, and take the user group experience to the next level.* Our first entry in this series starts with an easy subject: how to get the most value from being involved in the #MKTGNation community.

These informal Hangouts are going to occur on a bi-weekly basis on Fridays at 3:30 EST, and we'll be discussing news and best practices relevant to marketing; not necessarily only Marketo. Keep an eye out here on community for an event announcement.

Our approach to these discussions is to make it a full 360 degree view of the challenges we as marketers deal with on a daily basis. We're currently planning future talks about ABM, Web Personalization, Retargeting/Adbridge, a shameless copy of UnBounce's hilarious #PageFights series (but with emails)​, and more, but we also want to crowd-source some of the subject matter.

What kinds of discussions do you want to hear and be involved in? Let's use this thread as a discussion platform. During a broadcast, you can tweet us your questions/comments with #krewechats, and we'll address them on-air.

*If you're not in a user group yet, learn how to find and sign up for your nearest one here!

PS: If you watch nothing else, there is a particularly important question raised around the 28:00 minute mark Grégoire Michel

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plus, you're a revvie winner, so....

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Well.... of course.

You and I wear the cool purple jackets! And man is mine needed today in my 62 degree basement!  Glad I found a good space heater.

Also, good Community tip/FYI: If you work in a basement office, have socks/slippers & sweatshirt readily available!!

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And, speaking of leaders and leaderboards... check this out my friend and krewemate!

I'm on your 6!!


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I heard these questions/topics in getting started during your session:

1. We are working at integrating Docs with Community better.

In the meantime: If you go to Support​ the search box in the middle of the page and type in a keyword, results will show up from Docs. (Just a trick to share with folks)

2. New People in Community

Soon we will highlight the Getting Started​ page better which will help with New to Community AND/OR New to the Product.

3. I can't help you pronounce Greg's name

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Great post, I'm definitely jealous of your Krewe! I feel like I need to start a Krewe 2.0 and round up some friends? Looking forward to the next one!

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That's exactly how I feel whenever I get together with these weirdos. Never a truer sense of community than when talking to people facing the same challenges as you.. And then deep friendships occur

Besides, I think we can all agree as marketers that video is way more fun and engaging!

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Can I be involved in the next one if the timing is not too off?  I'm not sure how much I can input but would be cool to chat to you guys again?

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PM me your email address

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I concur Chris Saporito​! Great video Joe Reitz​ and I love the Krewe interactions! Maybe the Kewe can expand for some of those interested.

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Hi Brittany - We actually just started a new slack channel expressly for collaborating on future Krewe Chats. PM me you email address and I'll send you an invite.