How well do you understand tokens?

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How well do you understand tokens?

For your certification exam there is a big section that covers tokens, this is included in the personalisation section.

Tokens are an amazing and simple functionality that facilitates personalisation.  You can use them form emails, landing pages, templates and advanced programming functionality such as lead scoring and changing data values.

Here are a few things that it would be good for you to review:

- Different types of tokens

- Where are tokens located?

- Where can they be used?

- How to use them?

Types of tokens

System Tokens

Marketo has system tokens that you can use for personalisation but you can also create your own tokens within a program or a folder.

Some examples of system tokens are:


- Unsubscribe link

- View as web page

- Dates

This page in Marketo Docs lists all the tokens that can be used for Person/Lead, Company, Campaign, System and Trigger.

Tokens Overview - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

Folder or Program Tokens

In a program or in a folder you are able to create multiple tokens as well.


These are all the different types of tokens that you can create at a program or folder level.


Read more: Tokens Overview - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

My suggestion for your preparation for the exam is that you practice with the different scenarios described above.  The questions in the exam are easy if you are familiar with the scenarios that the test is covering.

Edward Unthank has written a very nice article about tokens:

Marketo Tokens: Ins and Outs


Re: How well do you understand tokens?

Thanks for this!  I have a question.  I understand the concept and use for most all of the tokens except the Score My Token.  I think it would only be used in a flow step, but not sure why you would use a token rather than just use a change score flow step.  Can you help me understand?

Much appreciated!

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Re: How well do you understand tokens?

Hi Reid Nichols

Thanks for your comment.  I have created a blog post that explains how to use tokens for scoring models.  Please let me know if you have more questions.  Using Tokens in Lead Scoring