Preparing for you MCE - Online Proctored Mode

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Preparing for you MCE - Online Proctored Mode

These are some tips that might come handy to you if you are planning to do your certification exam online.  If that is your choice you need to book your exam in a Proctored Mode so your computer needs to have a webcam.

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1. Have a look to the Camera Preparation Instructions

Online Proctored Exams | Kryterion Global Testing Solutions

2. Complete your biometric profile before the exam. The system will ask you to type a phrase, in my case, it was my first  name and last name multiple times so the system learns to recognise your pace.

3. If you have a coupon make sure it is valid. I had a discount coupon from Marketo but I discovered it was expired when I was ready to book my test.

4. Book a room for 2.5 hours.  The exam is 90 minutes but you need the room ready at the time the exam starts so it is wise to take 30 minutes to set yourself up.

5. Add a do not disturb sign at the door. You cannot be interrupted so it is wise to add a sign that indicates that you are having an assessment.  If you are in a noisy area, it is important that you ask for silence around you.

6. Have the customer support details for Kryterion handy.  In my case, I had an error when my exam was nearly finished.  I didn't know what to do.  I contacted Kryterion from my phone and they were able to help me out.  It would be easier if you had the details handy in a piece of paper or bookmarked on your phone.  If you click on the following link you will be able to find an online chat that gives support. They were very kind and helpful to me.

7. Remove your watch if you use a smart watch.  I didn't know about this and the exam got interrupted. I was asked to remove my watch.

8. Watch out for your posture and make sure the camera can see you. I started to lose my straight posture at the end of the exam, so I was asked to get my camera to see my face.

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Re: Preparing for you MCE - Online Proctored Mode

All Great Advice!

I'd also recommend that you don't read the questions out loud. I was home alone taking my exam and when I wasn't sure what the question was asking, I read it out loud.... I was called out every. single. time.