Brief Summary : CCPA Compliance Requirements


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Thanks for pointing that out! Seems that’s a bit unclear way to mention it, I guess. What I mean is that these updates seem to overlap with emerging Data Privacy steps with CCPA and more. Hope this makes more sense now!

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Re: Brief Summary : CCPA Compliance Requirements

Both of those updates *increase* the amount of lead and activity data stored in Marketo vs. the current version.

ITP updates are so Marketo is *less* impacted by the privacy measures of ITP than it would be otherwise.

The features overlap with CCPA in the sense that CCPA brings more scrutiny on such features. Maybe that was what you meant? 

Re: Brief Summary : CCPA Compliance Requirements

Exactly! Thanks for clarifying it in a more lucid way.

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Re: Brief Summary : CCPA Compliance Requirements

Also, be careful of the obligation starting date which is 01.01.2020 for B2C companies and 07.01.2020 for B2B. You might think you are B2B but some of your database might still be possible to be regarded as 2C (e.g. certification students, community user, etc.). This is really varying depending on companies though. 

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