Re: Trigger alert - activity from multiple contacts

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Trigger alert - activity from multiple contacts

Our company is looking to do some account-based marketing initatives, via Marketo. We currently do not have the #abm module.

Specifically, I am looking to create an #alert which checks for contacts on the account having at least 2 interesting activities between them in the last 90 days. It would then trigger an email send to the account owner.

Right now I can only find a way to trigger a notification when a single person had these #interesting moment interactions. Is there a way to listen for this activity account-wide in Marketo or is that something that we would need the #abm tool for?

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Re: Trigger alert - activity from multiple contacts

Yes and no. Out-of-the-box, this kind of cross-lead coordination/"poor man's ABM" isn't possible.

But this particular goal can be met easily with a webhook (and capable service behind it of course).

Maintain a counter of Interesting Moments keyed on Company (or email domain, whatever you're considering an account). Each IM has a TTL (time-to-live) of 90 days, so they gradually age out. Every time a new IM comes in, check the count, send an alert if it's > 1. We do something very like this to log hits to one of our clients' product catalogs: if people across a company have downloaded > 5 unique products in 30 days we send an alert.

P.S. Putting tags inline makes the thread kind of hard to read IMO.

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Re: Trigger alert - activity from multiple contacts

Right now, the ABM tool will not solve for this use case since it doesn't listen for Account wide activity. 

We do however have projects on our roadmap that will solve for this.  Stay tuned.