Custom Fields in Smart Campaign Flow

Custom Fields in Smart Campaign Flow

I’ve been searching the community and docs but I can’t figure this out…

I want to capture a form field that we use called “How did you hear about us?” that obviously is a select box with a list of options they can select that captures how they found the site.

I want it to work similar to Comment History and Comment Capture.

I’ve created two custom fields called “How Did You Hear” and “How Did You Hear History” and set them up the same as the comment fields I want to emulate.

Now I’ve create a smart campaign to handle what happens when the form is filled out. In the flow, I can do a “change data value” on the comment fields but my new custom fields don’t show in the attribute drop down so that I can change their values as well.

Why might that be?

I’m stumped. Sorry to be such a noob!


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Hi Duane,

If I understand well, you want to copy a field value into another. Am I wright ?

Of so, in your change data value, use the {{lead.How Did You Hear}} token as a new value for the How Did You Hear History field.


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Hello Greg, that's partly correct. I do want to do that and based on the Marketo program template for a contact form (WF ContactUs Form), that's exactly how you do that part of it.

My main problem is that I can't get my custom fields to show up in the flow to even add a token to.

Smart Program >> Flow >> Change Data Value >> Attribute - It's at the attribute part I would expect to find the How Did You Hear field but it's not there to select.

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Re: Custom Fields in Smart Campaign Flow

Did Greg's answer helped you?

If you are asking why new fields like 'How Did You Hear History field' is not showing up in the drop down, may be you can check the 'Field blocking' for that field in Admin section.

Check out Block Updates to a Field - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Rajesh Talele

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Hey Rajesh. Yes. I've checked there and nothing is set to block the fields. I basically duplicated all the comment capture fields but I must be missing something. First thing I'm setting up in Marketo so I'm very new to this...

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Hi again Duane,

Also check the field is not simply hidden (in admin -> field management). If so, you can unhide it.


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Did you set them up as a string type field?

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Ok, this has been resolved. Thank you to everyone that chimed in!

Appears to simply be some sort of a refreshing/caching issue. As soon as I signed out and back in to my account, the fields appeared as they should. Was pretty frustrating, spent a few hours in docs, community and the admin trying to see what I was messing up and was simply that. Lesson learned I guess...