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Export html of final email - not with tokens & variables

Question asked by Elin Pedersen on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by 9e8cf74245001c4068a12c2ba7c5e876f5597fde

I have an email that is quite complex with lots of modules, variables and also uses program token for content. I would like to export the html of a final version of this email, as it will render. However, it doesn't seem possible, as the code edit or html export option only offers the template/base email code with the variables defined. And trying to preview the email doesn't allow me to grab the source either, neither is this possible if sending a test email or through a smart campaign with the "view as web page" link added (get error: Cannot get email content- Customer does not belong to any POD). Does anyone know how I can grab the final code of an email, without having to rebuild it and replace all variables and tokens with actual values? It seems odd that something as basic as this isn't possible, but perhaps someone has a workaround here?