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    Different Marketo Support Tier Feedback?

    Tammy Chan

      Hi Everyone,


      Does anyone have the Marketo business support? I was looking into purchasing it b/c I want faster response time on cases logged. Sometimes it takes over if not up to 2 weeks to get resolved - and sometimes these are pretty pressing issues which I'm hoping maybe business support can resolve over the phone? Though, I'm not sure it may not necessarily get resolved, it sounds like a case can still get logged if it needs to be further looked into, which I'm hesitant since my logged cases take as much time as it does to get responses. I was looking over the differences btwn online, business, premier and elite- any feedback would be great.

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          Josh Hill

          Depends how much you want to spend. While the other support tiers tend to be more responsive for P3s, I often have difficult escalations that do take weeks to get resolved.


          You do have the option to Escalate to Manager on the ticket after the initial response.


          The issue you might have is in the initial response time? I'd say Premier is probably a good mix of SLAs and good teams.

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            Sanford Whiteman

            A question I'd have is what kind of topics you're opening cases about... there are questions answered here in the Community within 24h that will not be answered helpfully by support, regardless of what tier you're on. It's OK when they immediately kick back with "that's not something we do," like custom code, but there are more complex technical issues that can be dragged through the system for months when someone here could grok the problem quickly.


            But of course there are myriad cases that are better looked at by support, as they involve looking directly at your instance and walking someone through an unfamiliar (but documented) procedure. And there can be genuine bugs specific to your instance, or never-before-seen global bugs that you unearth, which we could only acknowledge here, but not solve.


            Still, there's a lot to be said for having the Community, and maybe a seen-it-all Marketo pro on lightweight retainer, as documented support channels.

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                Tammy Chan

                Thank you both for your feedback!


                Your responses make sense on the level or type of ticket- The most recent issue I have is oppty's being tied to contacts are visible in my SF instance, but only some are visible in Marketo. I hopped on a share screen and they thought it was odd as well so they've passed it on to engineers- since that phone call, 4 days had passed until they told me they needed a screen shot of what we saw so it can be provided to the engineers- which is super frustrating b/c 4 days had passed w/ no one looking into this- now its been another 4 days - these scenarios seemed to happen to me a lot since being a Marketo user (Nov 2017).


                Also, In the past i have used "escalate to manager" and I never had  follow up/phone call email etc. - so i'm not sure what is supposed to actually happen when you click this


                I do think the community is great- but when I have information that doesn't seem to be syncing correctly this requires ticket logs and I run into these issues that typically take up 3-4 weeks. Which i find mainly b/c they'll work with you every on avg. every 3 days with 1 question- and when you answer you won't hear back until another 3 days with another follow up question. This is if they even understand the issue properly- which I've had happen to me, where the new person that takes the ticket on could misunderstand the issue- which ends up being another week lost.


                I've had a lot of sync issues- contact's that have been in our system and mysteriously get newly created in Marketo - and the response is "this lead must have been deleted via Marketo and recreated"- which i'm pretty sure is not the case-


                Just seems like no one really cares to spend the time to help you really look into matters- seems like patience or purchasing Elite would be the best choice.

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                    Dan Stevens.

                    We have Premier Support and have these same experiences ( some of our more advanced cases take months - not weeks - to resolve). The biggest bottleneck, IMO, is when the case gets escalated to engineering. Then it could take days/weeks before we’re provided with an update or an ask for more info (like a an extract of the Marketo error log from CRM). Even though we usually reply instantly. Granted, our cases are usually more complex (often dealing with sync issues between Marketo and MS Dynamics; or known issues with the current Marketo architecture), we‘re definitely not seeing the added value that one would expect with a higher tier support plan. Maybe the engineering piece falls outside the Support scope.

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                      Huihsing Kiang

                      I've used Basic, Business, Premier, and Elite. I could tell you Elite is the best. The basic was a joke.  Business is a little better. I'm with Premier right now. What I like about Premier and Elite are you can pick up your phone anytime during the business hours and the support will be looking into it for you. The real-time troubleshooting is priceless especially when you're in a rush.


                      Elite is way too expensive for most of the companies out there. I'm so far happy with Premier. Another idea is to build the relationship with a good Marketo vendor who owns in-house Marketo developer and folks with strong CRM experience. They are expensive but it will well worth it to pay them by hours to troubleshooting the system/sync issues for you.

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