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Andrea Tupini
Hello, I have some 'template' programs that we use when creating a program for event. These templates have preconfigured campaigns, emails, landing pages, and a form.   However, when trying to create a new program by cloning any of these templates I get the following error (see attached for screenshot):   Program clone

Diego Lineros
After 6 or more years using Marketo, I can say Marketo is starting to dissapoint. Every release is slimmer than the previous, or out of focus. Why I am saying this? Basic missing features that for years are being requested are still missing. In the era of AI you can't even evaluate a date token without calling a webhook. The reporting is
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Ken Ungaro
I have an instance where we have an internal form that contains 20 fields that need to be completed.  In the flow step of the campaign push to SFDC, I have a step that concatenates the answers that the internal salesperson selected and/or typed in manually. We then dump all of the field names and answers in an "Additional Info" text
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Jeff Foster
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