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Karan Hari
Hello Marketing Nation,   For those of you who have been working in Marketo long enough, you know there is a "good way" of implementing something in Marketo and there is a 'better/more efficient"  way of implementing the same thing in Marketo. Check out this amazing session which was presented at the Marketo summit 2019 by Marketo

Ashley Boyum
I created an email campaign but now the member status (i.e, sent, opened email, etc.) only has the option to select member or influenced. Any idea on how to fix this?
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Becky Lyttle
I have searched the forum for help here but can't find any recent posts to help me. Our email is rendering fine in preview mode, but when we send, it is inserting random line breaks. I have inspected the HTML code and there are no <br> in the middle of the sentences. I have stripped formatting and re-typed the entire text. Refreshed. Closed