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Customer Sales Insight Templates for individuals

Question asked by 42698e39cbf07d34b497282dc4958e7babb30e23 on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by 36118
I have several sales reps who write their own custom emails to send to leads. Generally, I've been setting these up as templates in folders in Sales Insight for them, and for ones that are very good, providing them to the rest of the sales team. Two questions that have arisen from this, which I think are features Sales Insight doesn't have... but I thought I'd run them past the community. 

1. Is there any way for a sales rep to save a Sales Insight template, so they could self-service on this and have emails they have customized available to them for re-use? 
2. Similarly, is there a way for a rep to retrieve a recently used customized template or email they composed without a template to re-use it? 

The latter is something that was available to them when we were using Act On, and I hate that they've lost some functionlity there (while we in marketing have gained a ton!). 

Thanks for any thoughts... or for comfirming that you just can't do this.