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Engagement programs - same email in different streams - will they get the same email twice?

Question asked by Selene Regan on Oct 14, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by Lauren Aquilino

Engagement Program Questions. In the following scenario will the user get the same email twice if the same email is in both streams?




Stream A - Email A1, Email A2, Email A3

Stream B - Email B1, Email B2, Email A3


Person in stream A receives A1, A2 then A3, then because their score has hit threshold x, they jump to stream B. Email A3 is also in stream B. Its the exact same email but placed in both streams. Will those people who have had A3 in stream A, get email A3 again when they run through stream B. I know they cant get the same email twice in the same stream, but I am not sure if that same rule carries across to the same email in another stream?