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How can I "allow" a lead to re-enter the same Engagement Program every x number of days?

Question asked by Ronn Burner on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by Ronn Burner

In a situation like the screenshot below where the goal is to enter a Canceled Client into an Engagement Program with 3 emails every 30 days until they convert or unsubscribe. If they do neither, I want to re-enter them to go through the same program again. And then again.


What is the best way to accomplish this - knowing that a lead can only be a member of a program in an engagement stream once.


Knowing Marketo essentially reads streams as:

Emails - have they received this email before (yes or no)

Programs - do they have a status in this program (yes or no)


How can I "allow" re-entry into a Program and/or what is the best way to do so?



I assume I need to clear Membership Status in some fashion - or maybe just clone the nested program (Program A) in the stream and simply put that one (Program B) after it so Marketo skips Program A and sends lead to Program B. Not sure that would work though as Re-entry into the Engagement Program stream would still need to happen.


This same Program Re-Entry will be utilized in other areas as well such as Upsell Programs so whatever the best way to structure this will be duplicated in other areas. It's essentially the infrastructure of a completely Dynamic Automation world from Lead entry through upselling. Only those that have unsubscribed will not be somewhere within this dynamic cycle.