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Transition Stream, but still obey cadence

Question asked by Angus McCann on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by Angus McCann

How do I go about segmenting contacts in an Engagement Program based on an action they took that still obeys the cadence of the Program?


I'm trying to build an engagement program where each email is set to go out every 30 days. There is a "fork" in the stream that I am trying to set up based on the activity within the Engagement Program. 



I want Email 1, Email 2, and Email 3 to go out in 30 day intervals. I don't want Email 2a to go out WHEN someone clicks the link, but rather, after 30 days I want a contact to get either 2a or 2b depending on IF they have downloaded since receiving Email 1.


I think I'm getting a little lost in the transition rules and the logic behind the triggers so sorry if this is not making sense.