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How to move people into a nested engagement program?

Question asked by Fiona Evans on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by Fiona Evans

I have tried to work my way through Marketo docs and other people's similar questions but haven't got anywhere and suspect this is quite an easy problem I'm trying to solve! 


We have 4 different engagement programs for our four sectors, each with 5 different streams in them depending on where the customer is in their journey. After each stream's second email (different for each) we want to send them into an engagement program to invite them to an Everwebinar in which they will go through invited, registered, and attended streams over the course of the week in the run up to and after the scheduled webinar. 


The issue I am having is how do I have a smart campaign to move them into the webinar engagement program as part of the stream?


I have a program, and a smart campaign with the relevant filters and flow, in the stream. But nothing seems to be happening. I am not sure how you are meant to schedule the smart campaign if it doesn't have triggers? 


Essentially I think what I'm looking for is a guide of how to have smart campaigns in a stream to move people into another engagement program, and I haven't found the marketo documentation that easy to follow as to how to do it. 


Your help will be much appreciated. I am conscious that I can do a workaround (was sent email 2, add to new engagement program) but I'd rather that it within the streams so that if we amend the email 2 across the 20 different streams we don't need to remember to go in and update that smart campaign.