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Send Alert to notify Sales Rep for email send

Question asked by Ronn Burner on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Ronn Burner

How can I set up a campaign that would send a SINGLE Alert to notify a Sales Rep in real time of each email deployment? Obviously, I'm trying to avoid flooding their inbox as an alert would typically trigger for each account the Sales Rep is attributed to. I think the best way is simply to include a static list - or even a smart list - of each Sales Rep and incorporate that list with the deployment, however, our Execs do not want to do that and are asking for a single alert to notify them.


An additional layer to this is there will be multiple Reps attributed to each account as they handle different things for the client. So in a perfect world, I would like to build a Smart Campaign that would send a single email alert to multiple Sales Reps attributed to a single account per email deployment. I presume tokens will come into play here. Thanks!