Track OS / email clients across the database

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Track OS / email clients across the database

Hi all! We're looking for a solution that would help us get visibility into how different email clients (including the version #) and OS's are represented across our database. The goal is to define which clients and client+OS combinations we should optimize our new responsive templates for. We'd like to see the results as a chart with client / OS name and the number of people who use them. It could be some single-time solution, e.g. only implemented for a single batch campaign that has enough volume to get reliable stats.

Has anyone done that? Are there any Marketo or third-party solutions that could be integrated with Marketo emails?

Email Insights by Marketo don't really work in this case because it won't return version details, filter constraints don't do that either. Both return a lot of "undefined" and "unknown" in the results, too.

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Re: Track OS / email clients across the database

Hi Elena,

The raw User-Agent data can be extracted to CSV using the Bulk Extract API, and you can crunch-'n'-munch it from there.

But there's a major complication in any such effort: mail scanners.  By definition, you'll be seeing Click events from User-Agents that do not represent the actual human recipient. However, if you're only concerned about Opens from image-enabled mail clients, those are there for you.