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The Chicken or the egg? - What happens first: Added to smart lists or "person created" trigger?

Question asked by Victor Herrero on Nov 22, 2018
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This is almost a philosophical question on the origin of things...

I have a Smart Campaign that looks something like this:


Smart list

Trigger: Person is created

Filter: Country is xxxx

Filter: Person is NOT member of "Smart List yyyy"



Send email zzzz


My question would be: when a person is created, does it get added to my "Smart List yyyy" fast enough to NOT qualify?


My intended behavior is that they don't qualify. I want to use this method to handle exceptions but I need to know if it works and if so, it it is reliable.

I could always let them qualify and remove them from the flow if they belong to the list, but I have a feeling its more convenient, better for MKTO performance and perhaps more maintainable to do this in the smart list rather than inside the flowsteps.