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token value inside ics file is not getting populated, campaign triggered via REST API

Question asked by 448ba83f1b0f024e8c189657886dcfffaa9b8e91 on Nov 5, 2018
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I am facing an issue here related to populating token value in ics file.


I have two tokens defined in my program


{{my.eventUrl}} - Text

{{my.icsInfo}} - Calendar File


Inside '{{my.icsInfo}}' configuration, in description field I have put the token {{my.eventUrl}}


ics description text :

Web Link : {{my.eventUrl}}



In the Campaign -> Flow -> Send Email, the Email Template contains both the tokens.

It's like, Email having `Event Join Url` and `Save to Calendar`(ics).


I am adding a lead to this Campaign through REST API.


POST /rest/v1/campaigns/{campaignId}/trigger.json


{"input": {"leads": [{"id": 1111111}],"tokens": [{"name": "{{my.eventUrl}}","value": "https://myevent.sampleurl/join"}]}}



Problem :

The Email received is having the token value populated as "https://myevent.sampleurl/join", but the same value is not getting populated inside ics file contained in the Email.

Token inside the Email is containing the old value assigned at the token creation time.


So any idea, how to populate this token's value inside the ics file, when Campaign is triggered via REST API ?

Do I need to pass {{my.icsInfo}} token as well along with {{my.eventUrl}} token ?