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Timezone of timestamps on custom fields of opportunity object (Velocity)

Question asked by Bill Lundy on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

I am using some velocity scripts to format the time display of timestamp  fields on an Opportunity object.


I am not sure how to determine what timezone the timestamp field comes in as, or even if it is consistent for every lead.


Here is an example:

There is a custom SFDC field on the opportunity named appointment.

In the SFDC UI, a sales rep manually enters the time  for an appointment in Denver (Mountain Time).  It looks like  "2018-10-10 3:00PM".


In Marketo, when I pull that appointment field out of the opportunity object, and display it raw it looks like this:   "2018-10-10 17:00"

That is 2 hours offset from the time in the UI.  (15:00 is 3pm, 17:00 is 5pm).


So, if I interpret the string representation of the appointment time I get in Velocity as being in Eastern time, convert it to a Date, and the display the data as Mountain time I get back to the desired "2018-10-10 3:00PM"


But my question is how do I  KNOW (with certainty) what time zone the custom field on the opportunity record is stored as?  I initially though it would be in UTC time (that would be nice), or in Pacific Time (which is the setting for their Marketo Admin Location).


If this were a custom object, we would know since we control the population of the data into custom objects.  But for Opportunity it is controlled either by SFDC or Marketo or both. But where would I look  in SFDC/Marketo configuration  to see the timezone for opportunity timestamp fields?