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    Leads whose status changed recently

    Swapna G


      In order to update latest lead status in our internal database we are looking to build a batch job that will hit an end-point

      and pick up all leads that have


      1. been soft/hard bounced or unsubscribed
      2. become active again ( i.e. email delivered after a period of sent-but-not-delivered )


      in the last 7 days.


      For “a” I have tried setting up a program with a smart-list depicted below.

      This approach seems to work in sandbox environment if the Program is scheduled for ASAP and

      Status then flips to “Finished” by calling the rest/v1/leads/programs/{programId}.json endpoint.


      In production environment, we could clone a template program into a new one every day and schedule it for immediate delivery.

      Or we could set up a program with a smart campaign and set it up with recurrent schedule.


      Will either of these approaches work and be performant in production environment ?

      Is this a best-practice ? Is there a better way?


      Any ideas for task b?

      Are there any other statuses we need to worry about and if so how can we capture leads which have recently flipped to those statuses?