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    Using an alternate email address as a token

    Monica Koran



      I have built out a campaign to which anyone who participates in our referral campaign via ShortStack and submits a referral, it will sync over to Marketo.  Please see below:


      1.Current Student submits referral via shortstack

      2. Referral information syncs over to Marketo generating a new lead record and a email is sent to them letting them know someone they know thinks they would be a good fit.

      3. We would also like to send a triggered email to the Current Student who referred them (thus they are already in our database)

           -I added additional field to Marketo "Nominator Email Address" and added this to the sync coming from ShortStack to Marketo

           -I built a trigger campaign so that if this field is populated (Nominator Email Address), send alert to "other email" using the token: {{lead.Nominator Email Address}}


      However, the token is not working at all.  Can anyone help or provide insight as to why it wouldn't work? Or have a suggestion to how I can build it differently?


      I do not want to do a CDV as I don't want to lose the "new referral information" lead I just created.


      Thanks in advance!