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    How do I only show customer newsletter option to customers in email subscription center?

    Tim Marcacci

      Hi Marketo Community,


      I'm building out a form for an email subscription center on a Marketo landing page and have a customer newsletter field that I planned to show (through the visibility rules section) only if the person was a customer. To do this, I tried to include the field "SFDC Type" = Customer which would be hidden but still allow the visibility rules to work with the customer newsletter field. However, it turns out the field "SFDC Type" is the only one that cannot be used in the form builder.


      Believing that this functionality was a reasonably basic necessity for most subscription centers, I moved on to my next workaround by creating a segmentation group that would dynamically display two forms (one with and one without the customer newsletter field) depending on who visits the subscription center landing page. To my dismay, "SFDC Type" is again the only field that cannot be used for segmentation.


      I submitted a case to Marketo and after some back and form communication was told that this was basically impossible. I brought up that Marketo's very own subscription center has this exact functionality that I want, figuring that there was no way they weren't using their own product, but was told that it was custom coded and to talk to our CSM about hiring them to custom code a subscription center for us. That's not going to happen.


      Call me stubborn or just naive, but I can't accept that this is impossible. It seems like a very basic feature that's a near necessity for most subscription centers. Has anyone else had this problem, figured out a workaround, or used a completely different method?


      Any and all opinions are welcome!