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    Actual Sales Transactions

    Kristy Murphy



      Hang with me on this one.


      So, the business ask is to not only leverage Marketo RCM type reporting but to also then say - XX program influenced XX actual transactions at a point of sales. Our sales executives don't necessarily have a love affair with Salesforce so we can't always count on their opportunity info (work in progress) and we aren't an all digital business at this time. We often times will look at our data warehouse and look at incremental takes on a product for those that we targeted -vs- those that we didn't. How would we be able to get to the XX Marketo program influenced XX actual sales transactions for our business?


      That said, have you encountered this situation with your business? What solution did you use? Process? I feel like I'm missing something rather obvious but I can't seem to find anything on this forum.


      Any help would be appreciated.


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          Josh Hill

          Could be very simple or very complex.


          Is each Opp a separate transaction?

          Are you able to record +1 transactions for each Opp or per Contact?


          Are you asking about the count of tx or that Marketo influenced the Opps?

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              Kristy Murphy

              There are times when a transaction may never be associated to a CRM opportunity.


              An example - We send an e-mail to a lead from Marketo about a solution and that prospect clicks on the offer link but does not purchase online or call their account executive (owner of opportunities) but instead they go to a retail store and purchase the solution. The retail store does not use a CRM do they scan the SKU into POS. That transaction goes to a data warehouse with no CRM opportunity associated to it. We are trying to create some connection to say that the program in Marketo drove that person to the retail store to purchase that solution.