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    Importing a list from Netsuite

      Hello, so my team would like to conduct a survey of some of our customers. I need to import a list of our target customers that was pulled from Netsuite and was successfully able to upload 230 of our contacts out of ~1000. There were another ~800 that I was told were not imported and received the error message "ExplicitCompanyUpdateNotAllowed". I am not sure why this is an issue since all the fields were recognized when I was uploading the list and am not sure what to do.


      I do not have access to Netsuite. It will take a while for me to figure out how to group all these contacts by pulling them from Marketo so I prefer be able to just import this list that was pulled from Netsuite.

      New to Marketo since taking over for our FT Marketo person on paternity leave.