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    Email deliverability - sudden increase in suspended emails (550 5.7.1)

    Matjaž Jaušovec



      recently we sent out an email campaign to a highly-engaged list, consisting of mainly long- term subscribers who are familiar with the type of content as they receive it periodically.  The email was also very similar in terms of structure and content to those sent before, so we again expected successful campaign.


      As the emails were sent I noticed that suddenly there was a huge spike in the percent of undelivered mails, reaching almost 7 % (for comparison, typical percentage of undelivered emails for this segment was between 0.1% and 0.3%). I did a bit of research and found out the vast majority of emails were suspended for being spammy (spamcop, poor reputation - suspend code 550 5.7.1.). I also noticed that there are domain clusters that blocked the email (for example, nobody from the domains "xy.com" or "dada.com" received the email).


      As explained before, it is highly unlikely that so many recipients suddenly stoped liking the mails or marked them as spam, so I would appreciate any suggestions/comments on how to recover our reputation so we can get to these inboxes again?


      Thank you,