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    Form Submissions

    Victoria Iyere

      I am new to Marketo, inheriting it from a former employee. I am simply trying to find where form submissions land in Marketo, where I can see all the different field information input by the registrant. Surely it lives in the database somewhere, I just cannot find where.

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          Rachel Noble

          Hi Victoria,


          All forms live in either the Design Studio or Marketing Activities. If you navigate to the Design Studio and click on "Forms" (don't expand it), you'll see a list of all the forms in your instance (including in Marketing Activities).


          If you edit the form, you can see on the main page the list of fields the form submissions are mapped to. When someone fills out a form, it will update these fields. To see a list of the leads who filled out any given form, create a smart list with the filter "Filled Out Form." Marketo doesn't keep track of web form submissions on its own anywhere besides each lead's Activity Log. When a lead submits a form, you will see "Filled Out Form" as an activity in the Activity Log. You will also see data value changes in the same time period referencing the fields included in the form submitted.


          Typically, a solid practice is to create a program for tracking form submissions. Search your Marketing Activities section for web form programs. If there are not web form programs already in place, you might want to consider creating them.



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            Nick Hajdin

            Hi Victoria,


            You can also download the Landing Page Performance Report to see how many people filled out the forms in specific landing pages, and how many of them were new.


            As Rachel mentioned, creating a smart list that uses the filter "Filled Out Form". You can then export the list to view all field values. You can also create a smart list subscription that will notify you of any new activity, allowing you to track conversions as they come through.