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    Migrating to a New Marketo Instance

      Our organization is having to make a migration to a new Salesforce org. We've been told that in order to set up the Marketo integration with our new Salesforce org, we would also need to migrate to a new Marketo instance. I'm wondering if anyone has gone through this process before of migrating from one Marketo instance to a new one. What data do you lose and what did the process look like for getting the new instance up and running? Any advice or lessons learned or heads up on roadblocks you  encountered would be greatly appreciated.

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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hi Cori,


          I've done this before. It's important to know that the migration is really an implementation, the migration is really happening on the salesforce side. The data will be moved from one SFDC to the other, and the new marketo instance will sync with those records.


          Without significant developer work or consultant, you will lose all of the marketo activity data. There is another thread on how to bring over as much as you can, I'll look for it for you.

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            Ben Griffith

            We are in the process of doing this with a client right now.


            We opted to do a config copy, where Marketo copies your existing instances' assets (programs, smart campaigns, lists, landing pages, emails, etc.), but no record data (leads, activities, list/program membership).


            Additional things we've run into (w/ a config copy) include:

            • program sfdc links are lost after config copy
            • add to campaign flow steps have their campaign reference lost
            • webhook flow steps lose webhook configuration
            • all launchpoint services are lost
            • picklists on forms are out of sync with sfdc picklists


            Marketo has scripts to populate program membership and list memberships after the config copy and one to add old munchkin ids to leads.  We've written scripts for other items, like mass updating program sfdc links.


            The current deployment process looks like this:

            1. perform config copy to new marketo instance

            2. migrate old salesforce data to new salesforce (lead, contact, account, campaign, opportunity, etc.)

            3. turn on salesforce metadata sync

            4. turn on marketo smart campaigns for sfdc program acquisition

            5. turn on full salesforce sync

            6. run marketo scripts (program memberships, list memberships, marketo only leads, munchkin ids)

            7. mass update program sfdc campaign ids, smart campaign flow steps, form picklists

            8. update other marketo items: users, launchpoint services, webhooks, etc.


            We are accepting that all activity data will be lost.  A lot is stored outside of Marketo though too in a data lake.


            We've also had issues using the program import wizard to move programs in from old marketo to new marketo during the migration.


            There are other issues we've run into too, but these are the main ones I can think of.

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                Hi Ben- Thanks for this outline, it is extremely helpful. Question, how long did you plan for this migration process for your client? I know it probably differs from instance to instance, but just looking for a rough timeframe to plan a successful migration?


                For the scripts to help bring over program and list membership, will Marketo do this automatically in the migration process, or does that require additional consulting services from them?

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                    Chris Johnston

                    Hey Cori, our client engaged on a year long project to do this. They are doing way more than just a migration as they are hoping to declutter and setup the new implementation for success and are taking advantage of the fresh instance. They have a very large and complex database/marketing stack with more than a dozen connections into the system. So depending on the scale of your system and if you are looking to have just a quick migration, it could certainly be done in less time.


                    I'll check with Ben as I am not working on this project specifically, but Marketo doesn't usually do much for free is my understanding with regards to the scripts.

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                  Neil Wright



                  I've done this kind of migration multiple times. The replies above cover most of the things to think about. One area we found extremely important was the avoidance of duplicates. In our latter migrations we actually imported our data into SFDC via Marketo to avoid SFDC creating duplicate data that may already be in Marketo. We used the API along with SFDC sync triggers to get the data across to SFDC. You may not need to do this if you are starting from an empty Marketo instance (i.e. no data at all).

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                    Amanda Thomas

                    Hi Cori,


                    We just got our new instance and we're starting the migration process soon. I definitely recommend an agency, we're using Elixiter, especially is you have a large tech stack. I also recommend having a clear date from your Salesforce team on when you can connect the new instances, and make sure they're involved with the configuration.

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