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    Difference between Event type and other types of programs

    Srujan Vishwanath

      Hi Marekting Nation,


      Primarily, there are 4 types of programs within Marketo:

      • Default
      • Event
      • Email
      • Engagement


      As far as I understand, the major/only difference between Event type program and other types of programs is that event types can be scheduled at a later date/time. I now see that Marketo is replacing this feature (Screenshot below)


      Screenshot 2017-05-23 09.13.38.png


      My questions are:

      • If this feature is being replaced, what is the new feature?
      • If this feature is revoked, how different will a Event program type be from other program types?


      Awaiting your inputs.




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          Josh Hill

          The way I think of these Channel Types is:


          Channels are a way of both sorting data (through Channel Tags and Statuses in RCE) and in some cases Channels confer special abilities.


          Events, Engagements, Event w/ Webinar, and Email Send confer special abilities.


          The second part of your question is about the Event Scheduler. You go to Program > Event Actions > Schedule which is apparently being replaced. Perhaps the message refers to using the nearby drop down to switch to Schedule and to select the event and modify it in the "Calendar" view?


          Either way, the Event programs still confer the ability to connect to outside event vendors as well as special Statuses related to the iPad adapter. Each Channel Tag always has special Statuses, so that won't change AFAIK.

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          • Re: Difference between Event type and other types of programs
            Veronica Holmes

            Hi - there are a few very specific properties an Event program has that other program types don't:

            - Ability to use a Launchpoint connector to hook up a webinar (one of the out of the box Marketo webinar connectors)

            - Ability to have registrants show up in the Marketo check-in app, which is dependent on it being an Event program, AND that date you are referring to being within the next 7 days, which can be set where you have indicated, or in the Marketing Calendar

            - Ability to have event registrant results show up in Marketo Moments (only event programs, smart campaigns and email programs show up there)


            If you don't need any of these capabilities, it is actually perfectly feasible to run an event using the Default program type.

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