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    Inactivity filter vs. activity filter

    Kim Meyers

      I'm seeing a discrepancy in the number of leads when using "Email Opened 'is not'" vs "Not Opened Email" in one program. Why does this happen? If I want to send an invitation email to a list of people who did not open the email the first time I sent it, which filter do I use and why?


      Smart List #1: (results = 405 leads)



      Smart List #2: (results = 523 leads)




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          Devraj Grewal



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          • "Opened Email: is not" means the lead opened any email, but not the one you listed
          • "Not Opened Email: is" is specifically leads who did not open that email and includes those leads who were not sent the email at all and those leads who were sent the email but didn't open it


          You will instead want to use two filters in addition to the member of program filter with "ALL" logic:

          Want Sent Email: Invite

          Not Opened Email: Invite


          This will successfully generate a list of leads who were sent the invite but did not open it.

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