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    Deleting leads - is it a good idea?

      Hi All,


      We have around 20,000 unsubscribed leads in our Marketo Database and are wanting to know if it a good idea to delete the lead records or not.

      I have done run a report and found that 19000 of the leads have interacted with our website in the last 2 years.


      I'm looking for reason as to why we would not delete these records from our Database - as they haven't interacted with our website and we cant directly market to them is it worth them just sitting in the system?




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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Gareth,


          1/ even if you delete them from the database, Marketo will remember the fact that they are unsubscribe. This is important in case they reenter the database in the future.


          2/ If they keep interacting with your website (and not with your unsub pages) then it may make sense to keep them in. If you delete them, you will also delete reference to the cookie value and all traces on past web site visits, form fillouts, attached scoring, etc... will be lost



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              Dan Askin

              "In case they re-enter in the future" -- a little confused on the durable unsubscribe concept. For all (at least that's the goal) digital points of entry -- ie forms -- we have relevant change data value conditions. (If unsubscribe = yes, change to no). By re-entering the DB, do you mean all means of entry not tied to said forms?


              What if you import leads with the unsubscribe attribute column left blank?





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              Dory Viscogliosi

              Hey Gareth, sorry.. it's a bit confusing. They have or have not interacted with your site in the past 2 years? If they haven't, then I would definitely delete. As Greg mentions, Marketo has something called durable unsubscribe so that even if they come back into the system for one reason or another, they will remain unsubscribed.


              If they have interacted with your website in the past 2 years, I would use this as an opportunity to discuss your processes with sales since they're likely the ones who would be using these names. If there is a lot of interaction on your site, then you would want to identify this to your sales team and have them reach out directly.

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                  Josh Hill

                  I would go deeper here. Which leads have been on the site in the Past 6 months. What's their score (if any) and which pages did they visit?


                  Keep those leads and find a way to do retargeting or ask Sales to call up the best ones to keep the pipe filled.


                  If the rest of the leads are dormant, unsubscribed, and not customers or free trials, then it's ok to remove per Greg and Dory's instructions.


                  You can also delete in Marketo and not in SFDC.

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                  Steven Vanderberg

                  Keep in mind that the Visit Web Page activity archives after 90 days by default.  You wont be able to determine whether or not a lead has visited your web site via a Smart List after 90 days unless you have something like Interesting Moments noting the activity.

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