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    Program Inside Engagement Program Problems

      Hello Marketo Community -


      I am looking for some help on one of my engagement programs that I am setting up.  This is my first time setting up an engagement program with a nested program that has multiple wait stops & actions.


      Currently, I am having a problem with the re-send & actions after the first send going out. The initial send with wait period is working appropriately though.


      The first cast of "Stream 1" is to go off everyday at a specific time (8:00AM) with the corresponding wait periods below...


      To reiterate my first send is going out at the proper time but the resend and additional actions like send alert, and change program stream are not triggering at all.  I have this exact engagement program set up in a test version that reduces the actual days down to minutes or hours respectively. Do I have to create separate nested programs for each action (re-send, send alert, and change program stream)? or can I keep it all in the same nested program as is?


      Thank you in advance for you help.



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          Josh Hill

          Why are you using Engagements if you want such a complex flow?


          What are those NOT WAS filters? This could be dangerous.

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              We are using an engagement program vs just a standard program because we want to send the same email to different segments of an audience throughout their lifecycle. The NOT WAS is "Not was added to survey response"

              • i.e - Customer fills completes a purchase we send an email with an attached survey
                • if customer does not fill out survey we would like to send them another email.  If they do not respond to the survey within an allotted time we would like to set an alert for the customer service rep to follow up
                • if customer does respond at anytime to the survey we would move them to "Stream 2" where they would get the same email after a certain amount of days (90 days in this case due to our product lifecycle).


              Stream 2 contains a similar program that would repeat above with different time frames.


              I guess we could achieve the same thing with one program - we just thought by having it set up as an engagement program it would make this process easier.

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                  Dory Viscogliosi

                  If you only have a single program in your EP, then I'd definitely advise taking it out and having it as a standalone program. Especially since this is more complex and has long waitsteps.


                  Glad to hear it was the NOT WAS ADDED filters giving you a problem.

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                      Josh Hill

                      Agree. This is not a good candidate for an Engagement. Engagements should have straightforward logic within the stream. If you want to filter people at the Entry or Transition, that's ok too.


                      For example, a Program in a Stream is good for

                      • attribution to specific email
                      • kick off simple sequence
                      • basic segmentation to send separate emails to different groups....although I discourage this particular use case. Use Champ/Challenger or Streams or Dynamic Content.


                      if you want to message people by stage, you can use Engagements, however, this sort of If Then logic isn't really ideal for an Engagement based on what you've said.

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                  Dory Viscogliosi

                  It seems like you have some kind of issue with your NOT WAS ADDED filters, as Josh sort of alluded to. I'd try to simplify this a bit, and maybe EPs aren't your best bet here. How frequent are the casts? You will likely get multiple concurrent programs running since this one program alone spans 80+ days (if I'm seeing correctly).


                  Remember that this will run independently of the rest of your EP, so they will continue to be eligible for next casts/streams while they're going through this program & wait steps.

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