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    Interesting Moments - Best Practices?

    Samantha (Sam) McCollough

      In the work I have done in Marketo over the years, we have typically decided to implement interesting moments for all activity in the system. However, this can be overwhelming and not provide the best insight to sales, leading them to ignore all IM completely.


      Any interesting use cases for interesting moments? Best practices you can share? Curious as to how other people are using it.

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          Jenn DiMaria

          I typically only include interesting moments that would possibly trigger a sales person to reach out without needing prompting with an alert. For example, if a person attended a product or partner webinar, clicked a very specific CTA in an email (though didn't convert), or visited the Contact page and bounced. That way, this specific activity sticks out like a sore thumb and isn't buried under email opens, etc. My general rule, I suppose, is that if it's available in other MSI tabs and doesn't necessarily require an action, don't make it "interesting".

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              Josh Hill

              Yep. True with all sales alerts - don't send them something unless you want them to take action on it. Most Sales teams ignore MSI unless they are constantly trained to use it and their peers find it helpful.


              Also, I add the IMs to Scoring flows now because it reduces the # of trigger campaigns and 99% of scoring overlaps with IMs.

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