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    Marketo & Salesforce Member Status Sync Issue



      We have an issue where the sales team is manually updating the Campaign Member Status on the Salesforce side which is creating a sync issue back to Marketo.


      I understand that:

      - The progression status/program status defined in Marketo must mirror the ones in Salesforce Campaign Member Status for syncing to work without issue.

      -The manual update to a a status not existing within Marketo is creating the issue.




      What is the best case solution in this case?

      Should we just be prudent in not updating the fields manually in Salesforce?

      Should we ensure beforehand that all the fields we potentially want to use are available in both?

      Would a better approach be to use a custom field to indicate different information in SFDC for leads than Marketo is using in the Program Statuses?


      Thank you in advance




      to indicate different information than Marketo is using the Program Statuses