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    Tips for an AMA Webinar?

    Danny Smith

      Hey guys!


      We're running our first AMA webinar in the middle of July and I'm reaching out to you guys for any tips you have from prior experience.


      Specifically, we're hoping to allow registrants to ask a question when they sign up and also vote on questions submitted by other registrants. What's the best way to go about making this happen?


      Any other suggestions to help drive registration/attendance/engagement are, of course, more than welcome.




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          Chris Saporito

          We do quite a bit of webinars each year and recently did one similarly. I created a generic field in Marketo, "Misc. Question 1" and added that field to the form allowing the contact to ask questions before the webinar to answer during. Creating a field like this allows it to have versatility for other one-off projects. As for generating registrants we send a bi-weekly email with our upcoming webinars and we also have links on our website driving to the monthly webinars. If this is a one-off, you could also look into doing some digital advertising as well. Sending a follow-up, "Thanks for Registering" email with calendar invite as well as reminder emails (day-of) will help improve attendance rate as well. Hope this helps!



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