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How to handle partial marketing contributed funnel?

Question asked by 0d8f9fad56f34b27fd4189f314f2a0a75074f38a on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by e13a47e9a6c96d77b5abfb22600e4de8cc9fb778

Curious to know how people are dealing with this one.


- We are using multi-touch attribution out of RCE

- In general we only push leads over when they reach 'mql' status, and then attribute funnel $$ to the touches evenly

- But we have situations where sales creates an opportunity with dollars associated with the opp. However for that same contact we did NOT push over an MQL because it had not reached the MQL threshold. Although, we did see in our bizible data, that the contact had two marketing touches.

- Does anyone give marketing 'partial credit' for opps that were touched but didn't MQL?