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Marketo/Salesforce Assignment Headache. Advice needed.

Question asked by 4ebcf8732471c44d6df21e0a75a452db9224d21b on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Grégoire Michel

Marketo/Salesforce geniuses... I'm struggling with assignment rules and could use your help.


Previously we had one SDR in the UK, one in the US and one which handled all other leads. This meant it was easy to specifically assign to the correct lead owner on sync to Salesforce. (e.g. When Lead Fills out Trial form....If country is US > Assign to Matt; If country is UK > Assign to Zach).




We're now growing our sales teams however, and we've had to ditch the above to use SF auto-assignment rules instead. Problem is, if the lead is NOT NEW to Salesforce, but should be considered a new Sales-ready lead, it will already have a lead owner, and the auto assignment logic will mean that these leads get assigned to the existing owner rather than the appropriate SDR. We've had leads being assigned to customer success team-members, and marketing users, when they should be in the hands of the SDRs.


We're thinking of introducing a sync between our Marketing programs and SF campaigns for attribution reasons, but this will mean that people will nearly always be in SF before they are Sales-ready leads, so we'll see this problem exacerbated.


Does anyone have any experience with assigning to a 'group' of SDRs? Do any Salesforce buffs know if it's possible to assignment to group based off membership of certain campaign, rather than through coming in as a fresh new lead into SF?


Thanks in advance