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Cleaning Database: Email Soft Bounces

Question asked by Ande Kempf Expert on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by fc41fe788ddce484ba154b8d1608983c76a6e71f

In my quest to clean up our database I found Josh Hill's guest blog "How to Clean Up Your Marketo Database".  The article is excellent and I highly suggest reading it if you're interested in doing some fine-tooth-comb cleaning.


One area that I am interested in cleaning up is removing the leads who have received several soft bounces in a row.  For example, a lead whose e-mail is set up to automatically reply with a message indicating that they are no longer with a company.


Josh suggested setting up a trigger campaign to catch these leads and changing their data value to Marketing Suspended for 30 days:


My question is why set them to marketing suspended for 30 days?  Why not remove them from the Marketo database (but keep them in SFDC)?*


*If I were to delete the lead I wouldn't do this using a trigger campaign - just a single campaign run.