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    Engagement default streams

      I have an engagement campaign with several (4 streams). The issue i am experiencing is that the first stream is the default stream. Though, I do not want leads to enter the first stream by default, I need to be able to determine in which stream the lead goes first. I am not working with transition rules in this case but with smart lists. 

      1. Would it be possible to deactivate a default stream so that I can determine in the smartlist/flow in which stream the lead shoud move?

      2. Would it be possible to only do so via transition rules, if at all?

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          Tim McMinn
          Not possible to deactiviate, but you can run other campaigns or flow steps to control the stream entrance.

          Depending on how robust your qualification is for each stream you can do a couple things. 

          I'd suggest running a trigger campaign with your smart list being the qualification factors to enter into which ever stream you want. You can then define the entrance with an add to engagement program - stream xyz from the dropdown. 

          It really depends on how you have leads entering your engagement, but here's another way to look at it. 

          All leads come in say through a form fill, but you want people form x industry to go to stream 1 and y industry to go into stream 2. Use the "add choice" and in this case use the "if industry is x" program "engagement program" stream "1". 
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            Josh Hill
            Tim's right. You have to think of this as Entry and Exit with campaigns to manage this. You would not do this with transition rules (except within the Engagement if it makes sense).
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              Ok thanks already for your input Tim.

              Yes, leads are coming through a form fill and depending on what the lead enters to particular questions (knock out criteria) I want to place them in stream 1, 2, or 3. Ad choice how you described it sounds like a possible solution, but with the ad choice function I cannot determine the KO criteria.

              Until now I am using  the "Add to engagement" and also define the stream in the drop down. Sometimes i am also usning add choice e.g. "Not filled out form" and define the stream where the lead should move into. Though leads are always ending up in stream 1 (default).

              Of course it would be possible to create another stream where all leads move into and then simply use "Change engagement program stream", so that would be possible but I do not want to even enlarge the campaign.