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    Lead Nurturing Reports in Salesforce.com

           Is there a good example of lead nurturing reporting from within Salesforce.com? It's easy to download all the data and put it in an excel spreadsheet but I wanted to be able to put it in a dashboard.

           Even if there's a build component involved, it's fine I just want to see if anyone else has done this before. To show a direct correlation between engagement and funnel velocity from within Salesforce.com.

           All thoughts and suggestions are welcome! 



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          Josh Hill
          Do you have the metrics in the database already?

          To show velocity you'll need several fields monitoring the time entered and time exited from each stage.

          To show the Revenue Stage or whatever stage you need, it should be easily to create a Leads by Status report and then add a funnel chart.

          To add Revenue Stage to SFDC, you'll have to add that picklist to SFDC, let it sync, then have Marketo set the Stage depending on your active RCM. That way it'll sync back to SFDC.

          To add in engagement, you could bring in # emails sent or clicked as a second axis. It highly depends on what you consider engagement and if that data is in SFDC. For instance, interesting moments are visible, but not SFDC accessible. If you were also including most of those as Tasks in SFDC, then you might be able to do something with it in SFDC.

          Honestly, if you have Opp Analyzer or were using Engagement Programs, you'd see alot of that analysis more easily.
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            Agreed with Josh, simplifying this reporting is one of Marketo's key attributes.
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              Josh & Steven - These comments might help my quest to see more Marketo RCA metrics in my SFDC Management Dashboards.
              •           I have had exactly the kind of Lead Funnel Chart (bucketed by Lead Status) that Josh describes in SFDC -- and it's great except that it doesn't include our SFDC Contacts.
              •           I have been contemplating adding a custom  "Contact Status" field in SFDC -- and now I realize that I already have it with Marketo Revenue Stage field.
              That leaves the problem of combining SFDC Leads and Contacts into a single SFDC Dashboard report -- inorder to do this, I suppose I would have to add and maintain "Revenue Stage" value in a second SFDC object (Campaign Member) and create a custom Campaign report that can combine Lead & Contacts.