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    Multiple Registrations on One form

    Bec Rabe
      Hi all,

      Is there any way to do multiple registrations on one form without using custom fields?

      We have an event where a person can invite a friend and instead of adding new fields we would like the additional data to be entered as a new person. Is there a way to do this?

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          Nicole Mossinger
          In Marketo, every person is represented by one lead record. Therefore, every registrant needs to have a separate lead record.

          If you caputure registration information for multiple people on one form, it goes into one lead record. We don'tl have the abilty to read this information and create additional lead records and count them as registrations.
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            I agree with Nicole: multiple registrations in one form will go to a single record. It can not be done without aditional (custom) fields.

            The email's "Forward to a Friend" could be a viable optiion, depending on the time the original lead is inviting friends.

            If that is a "must have" on landing pages you will really need custom fields and, most important, Java, PHP or another server-side programming language. That requires a developer.

            The logic is fairly simple and quick to implement: custom fields such as invitee1 and invitee2 are added to the form.
            The form submits the data normally. The server-side language such as PHP reads $_POST and then calls SOAP API syncMultipleLeads to send the invitee1 along the standard form fields.

            I did not try this and the logic may need fine tuning to work as intended. It will be close to my suggestion though. A good developer can figure this out very quickly.