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    Congratulations to Kimi Fowler, the winner of Communtiy's 3rd Birthday Contest!

      As most of you know, we ran a fun community contest last week, Dec 9th through 13th, to celebrate the Marketo Community turning 3 years old! A huge thank you to those of you that participated and congratulations to Kimi Fowler with Hyland Software for winning with her tagline "Nice Asset". She received 22 likes and has won 25 custom T-shirts with her tagline on them.

      Kimi also wins the 3rd Birthday reward and 100 points in her community profile.
      I hope everyone enjoyed the contest and learning about the amazing things community has accomplished in the past year. This community wouldn't be vibrant and successful without your participation, so thank you for your support!

      To view final contest standings, click here.