Marketo and Outlook

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Marketo and Outlook

I have a registration form-if someone fills this out for an event we're having, does Marketo ever have the capability to sync a save the date into Outlook?
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Re: Marketo and Outlook

Hi Colleen,

What I usually do is include a calendar file (.ics for MS Outlook or .ical) in the confirmation email. 

You can learn how to make a calendar file here:

Here is how to include it in an email:

You can also export a Calendar file from Outlook and include the link in your email.

To make an .ICS file from Outlook

  1. Open the Appointment
  2. Click File -> Save As...
  3. Enter your File Name and Save as "iCalendar Format"
  4. Upload the .ics file to your Design Studio.
  5. Place the link in your Email
Hope this is helpful