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    Image Token dynamically populated from Salesforce

      I have a weekly email I send out to our clients that includes the pictures of the head sales team members (3 people) in the signature.  Right now, the pictures are just uploaded from the image library.  

      I'd like to move away from this model and make the email more personalized.  Ideally, I'd like to have each client receive the email from their Sales Rep and only their Sales Rep's image would be in the signature of the email.

      Our Marketo account is linked to Salesforce, where we do have Sales people assigned to contacts in "Salesforce".  I already personalized the "From" portion of the email with the Lead Owner token.  I can't figure out how to dynamically populate the Lead Owner's image at the bottom of the email.  Do I need to create a new token for this?  If so, how do I integrate it with Salesforce?